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Steel Frame

Steel Frame Buildings have been playing an important role in steel construction area for decades. From residential buildings, multiple floor residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial building construction, steel frame for topping up, modular houses, prefabricated houses, to solar structures, they are widely used in many different areas, because they are thermal insulation, acoustical insulation, durability, high quality and high speed of construction on site, architectural freedom. Industry building could create large free spans, much useful spaces for warehouses, workshops, storage are available.

Based on the steel frame design requirement, machine to produce all steel frame parts should also be made with the same speed. It is including Studs (C stud roll forming machine), Tracks (U sections), with multiple holes punching for different installation using, such as flange holes at the bottom side, stud ribs for reinforcement, recessed rivet hole, noggin flange removed, top and bottom plate flange removed, plate side notch and stud side notch. All above different punching should be done by several sets of functional punching toolings. Of course, the steel frame machine could be customized built as real needs, such as only stud or track, featured holes punching tooling sets. To reduce cost, we could build twin track steel frame machine, which is one machine rolling both studs and tracks with the separate rolling track, punching toolings could be slide left and right side when using necessarily. All the operations are very easy and take little time to adjust. Even sometimes, we could make one machine to produce several different sizes of studs and tracks, by changing spacers. This is not a right option for the freshman, because roller positions may be changed after this adjustment. But it is a better option if the operator knows machine and roller tooling well enough. It is indeed saving machine cost.

The steel frame roll forming machine is very small, could be loaded into the 20 feet container. So sometimes, it could be transported to the construction site making production on site as real quantity requirement. Very convenient and high efficiency.

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