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A metal roof is a roofing system made of metal pieces or tiles. Metal roofs were made of galvanized steel sheet: a wrought iron–steel sheet was coated with zinc and then roll-formed into profiled sheets. As there are several types of roof profiles, people named them to corrugated roof sheet, trapezoidal sheet, standing seam (Bemo) sheet, IBR (Inverted Box Rib) sheet, they are widely used inside cladding or roofing material in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. They could be factory cranked, curved and bullnosed to various radii depending on customer's requirements.

So we build machines to produce all above different profiles accordingly, both metal roof pieces and tiles, different roof profiles are to be roll formed by roll toolings which are designed by Copra Software, tiles are also required to be pressed by pressing tooling, which makes steps of roof tiles. Also sometimes, people want to reduce machine cost, they would prefer one machine could be producing two different profiles, such as both corrugated roof sheet and trapezoidal roof sheet are made in one machine, we also call it combo roll forming machine or double deck roll forming machine, the machine is being made with two sets of roll toolings, top and bottom layer, and also two sets of shear for different profiles. Any two or even three profiles could be produced by one machine actually.

Since all the machines could be customized built, not only profiles but also machine specifications, such as running speed, transmission drive type, stop cut or flying shear, plain run out the table or auto stacker (bomb type). It depends on production capacity and budget. Decoiler is also a necessary part of the whole production line for steel coil processing, manual one? Hydraulic expansion? Motorized rotation? The hydraulic expansion is reducing labor cost and time to fasten steel coil after coil loading into the decoiler; motorized rotation mostly is being used for high-speed production, because it will feed steel sheet automatically into the roll forming machine.

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