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Brief introduction of cold roll forming machine

1. The equipment is a special-purpose unit for cold forming steel profiles, which is designed to be customized according to the requirements of users. It is a non-standard equipment.

2. The device is first put raw materials on the uncoiling machine, after artificial into the host, and then by a host of molds and molding some special auxiliary device deformation gradually to form a certain geometry, fixed-length cutting by cut off again, meet the requirements of users for this product use, finally by artificial moving loading.

3. The mechanical, electrical and hydraulic parts of the equipment must have sufficient rigidity and toughness, control accuracy and reliability, sufficient power, simple operation, convenient maintenance and long service life.

Some typical Rishbin produced roll forming machines:
CZU Purlin Roll Forming Machine
Continuous PU Sandwich Panel Line
Steel Deck Roll Forming Machine
Grain Silo Roll Forming Machine

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