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The Development History Of Roll Forming Machine

The color metal roll forming machine roll and blend color steel plate and strip continuously by multi forming roller with sequential arrangement of tile press, and the color steel plate is made to the color steel tile with the specific section profile. The formed color steel plate by roll forming machine has the advantages of material saving, energy saving, high efficiency and suitable selection.

At present, there are many kinds of statements about cold roll forming in China. Another statement is from Taiwan, with rollers forming and cold rolling forming.

Since 1980s and 1990s, the color steel roll forming technology has been widely applied in China. At home and abroad, because of the lack of technical data, designers of roll forming machine often need to explore and test to solve the problems in the production process of color steel tiles. The cold-bending process of color steel plate is still generally considered to be a "unknown art". It has not risen to science yet. The main reason is that the characteristics of color steel roll forming has not been fully commanded and recognized by people.

The technology of roll type cold bending formation has made great progress in universities and enterprises since the mid 1980. In particular, the development of computer aided design, theoretical analysis, computer controlled tile press and CNC tile press, which began in the middle of the 1990, made a new step for the cold bending formation technology into the intelligent molding technology.
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